Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Declined: Potential Expired

Has my “potential” deadline been reached? Does the answer to that depend on my age? At what age does not reaching your so-called potential equal Loser… Lame… He Ain’t Bout Shit? 25? 30? 40?

Potential unrealized is a single man’s worst enemy. As a Younger man, or college student, potential alone could have you in the sack with a P.Y.T. faster than a black man getting pulled over in a Maserati Quattroporte….. Women think they know it when they see it. I’d imagine this explains their attempts at refining their men at every given opportunity. Unfortunately for them, and we’ll call them “potential-hustlers” (men that exude the notion of soon to be success) exploit that characteristic in women. It was easy work for a player like me. *pimp laugh* Answer a few questions in the classroom, recite some prose of poetry, and discuss something a tad bit deeper than “where’s the next party”. Just like that, you’re in there like swimwear. It’s was a new type of swag called pseudo-potential. Worked like a charm.

All jokes aside (maybe), I am quite the talented individual. There’s nothing fake about the potential I do or did have. The same can be said for any serious-about-life man in an environment filled with women searching for their Knight in however-shined shining armor. But personally, I feel like I’m destined for greatness. So now the question becomes, have I been exaggerating my potential all this time? Honestly, it’s sad to think about. How the hell has my potential, led me to a 9-5 making someone else millions? Am I that unmotivated? Why him and not me (hater characteristics invading)? Those are just a few questions of those capable of, but not quite there.

I suspect this isn’t some sort of mid-life or hopefully quarter-life crisis. As a man in my 20s, contemplating higher levels of success is natural. Plus, I’m not doing bad but feel I can accomplish so much more. Not to mention I talk a big a game. Not accomplishing what I aspire for would be a true embarrassment and downright shame in my eyes.

All in all, potential has to be defined by one’s self. Third person perspective has to be irrelevant. I’m realizing that becoming legendary requires a plan and your “Potential Lease” expires when you’re dead or really old. Plus, I’m a writer; they don’t blow up till their 40s. Haha to you!

Blog until I make it…



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