Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random Thoughts

Notable Singer and cheese maker (literally), Alex James, said that he celebrated his 20th birthday with alcohol, his 30th with Drugs, and his 40th with food. I’ve yet to celebrate my 30th birthday and by no means intend to do so with drugs, unless somehow I come across a ton of money and no longer have daily obligations and responsibilities (other than writing). Unfortunately, that most likely isn’t a realistic hope.

I really appreciate Mr. James’s quote, which after reading, immediately lead me to reflecting on how I may be progressing within my life’s path. Currently, I live by the mantra “work hard now and play (BALL OUT) harder later.” I’ve been working 2 jobs for the past 2 years now and there’s absolutely nothing glorious about that. But it’s my personal intention to spend the rest of my 20s figuring things out, aggressively working to accomplish newly found goals, and if at all possible, building the ground level of a stable relationship. I’d prefer my 30th birthday not to be punctuated with drunken drug use, but by travel, accomplishment proud, and a distinct idea of what is next and how to get there.

This year has been about progression and self motivation. I’m about that age now where those around me, like college acquaintances and others in my peer group, are blowing up. They’re maximizing their efforts at this point and becoming notable for whatever dream they may be chasing. I’m happy for those folks, appreciate the inspiration, but ultimately anticipate my time. Like a deer in headlights, all I see is my inevitable future. I’m also about the age where “taking over the throne” is a mandatory move. Let’s face it, my parents aren’t getting any younger and my being in a position to, at some point, take care of them is fast approaching. Oh, the pressure. But, handle it, I will.  

I advise everyone too consistently self evaluate. Know what and who (for those single like me) you want. Wake up every morning chasing greatness. And by no means except failure.



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