Thursday, December 22, 2011

Saturn's Return

Like everyone else, the coming of a new year brings about a flurry of thoughts and emotions. Aging continually or dying slow, however you’d prefer to phrase the inevitable, can be haughting at the end of yet another year. That dark shadow lurking behind you, right over your shoulder like a monkey on your back. Amongst the depressing, is also the good, thankfully. The changing in a great way, achieving some goals, progressing to the next level, or just figuring things out. For most, when the positives out number the negatives the year has technically been a success. I’d argue it depends on the quality of those positives. Until recentely, in my opinion, my negatives have been most prominent. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand that things could be worse, but hey, I’d like to believe I set high standards for myself. I never anticipated it would take untill my late 20s to finally begin to grasp who I am and ultimately who I want to be. It feels good though.

There’s an astrological theory referred to as Saturn’s Return that I’ve recently become familiar with. It’s a phenomenon described as influencing a person’s life development at 27 -30 year intervals. Which is around the time it takes for Saturn to complete an orbit (29.4 years). As wikipedia puts it: 

a person crosses over a major threshold and enters the next stage of life. With the first Saturn return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood. With the second return, maturity. And with the third and usually final return, a person enters wise old age. These periods are estimated to occur at roughly the ages of 28-30, 56-60 and 84-90. A fourth return occurs for only a few people, at age 114-118.

This may explain the pressure that I, and some others, seem to be feeling now days to make either major moves or drastic changes. Neither of which is negative of course. I’m not necessarily giving this theory my official stamp of approval but it’s without a doubt interesting.

I assume the new emotions ill settle in to. The longing for a stable relationship, eagerness to start a family, and hope for a much more financially stuntin-on-other-people future, so to speak. In due time, right? Regardless, I anticipate greatness with this coming year. Tasks will become easier, goals will become more achievable, and ladies even more puddy in Ya boy’s hands. Moral of the story, stay positive, aggressive, and never settling for less. Bring on 2012. Good luck to you all.


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