Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who Said Hip Hop is Dead??

I thought I’d drop off another list of dope music. I’m going to avoid listing any albums that I listed in a previous post of mine, Music or lose it. I thoroughly contemplated adding Kendrick Lamar’s Section 80 again, because I love it that much, but didn’t. This isn’t an “Albums of the year” List, though quite a few of these are true contenders, especially the first album mentioned. This is just a list of some great LPs that I’m currently listening to. Also, check out my previous music post if you haven’t yet because those albums are also still in constant rotation. Enjoy.

                                                                  The Roots – Undun

They did it again. May I add, in a manner that exceeded my expectations. They are currently standing strong as my second favorite group of all time behind Outkast but are really making a run for that #1 spot, word to Luda. I compliment them on their excellent use of Bilal on this album, who is hands down my favorite singer right now. With all biases aside, this album is amazing. Though it won’t get the love it deserves like most Roots material, I think it will stand as one of the best albums of the year.

                                                             Childish Gambino – Camp

Childish Gambino is who most of you may know as Donald Glover from the sitcom Community. He’s the black guy. I heard him say in a few interviews that he rapped but definitely didn’t take him seriously. Well, the joke was on me. This actor is an emcee and this album is great. He’s rapping from a very unique perspective with an intense hunger that I can’t help but love. His success in comedy and acting is similar to that of drake’s. In fact, the two seem very much alike, in regards to career paths. You couldn’t tell by their music though, they are very different. Childish Gambino is much less braggadocious and not at all sing-y. Allow this to be the “put on” and go get the album.

                                                     Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi – Rome
Danger Mouse consistently knows how to make me happy. In fact, he rarely lets me down. No matter who he’s working with. Whether it’s Cee-lo, The Rapture, Beck, Broken Bells, Gorillaz, The black Keys, and now Daniele luppi, he’s always the perfect addition to a great stew. Why doesn’t everyone want to do an album with Danger Mouse? A few years back I heard he was supposed to be doing an album with Roots Crew front man himself, Black Thought. The album was supposed to be called Dangerous Thoughts. I’m still masterbating to the thought of that coming out. Please guys, make that happen.

                                                                Evidence – Cats & Dogs

I don’t want to say that I was presently surprised by Evidence’s lastest opus, because I wasn’t. I knew it would be great. The beats, the rhymes, and the album itself is flawless in so many ways. It’s emcees like evidence, and his lack of commercial exposure that make me despise the puppeteers pulling the strings at these radio stations and cable networks. This guy should be a household name and this album is evidence, no pun intended, of that fact.

                                                    A$AP Rocky – Live.Love.A$AP (Mixtape)

I recently heard the great ?uestlove (obviously I love the roots) say that hip hop is all about movements. He said that to explain their entrance into the game, coming out with folks like Erykah, Common, Mos def, Kweli and others. I think we’re witnessing another movement now. Acts like Odd future and now “The A$AP crew” immediately come to mind when I think movement. They’re young, hungry, slightly disrespectful (not all), but definitely talented. ASAP Rocky’s Mixtape, is quite the breath of fresh air. ASAP Rocky’s Peso affected me in the same way that Tyler, the Creator’s Yonkers did. Both original and both also making me feel like hip hop could be going in the right direction.

                                                                   Danny Brown – XXX

This dude’s style is so great. He might be a little too much for some of you but I definitely recommend giving him a shot. Once you get pass his missing teeth, permed Mohawk, and skinny jeans you’ll realize that he’s quite the talent. “Die like a rock star” is officially my treadmill anthem. When that song comes on I immediately push the speed up to 9.0! Ok 6.5, you got me. I can’t think of one single artist that I could compare this guy to. He’s super original. And the album is Fire! 

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