Wednesday, January 18, 2012

ARTIST TO WATCH: Chantavia Brown


My name is Chantavia Brown. Art has always been a part of me, but in the last year, my talent in the realm of art, has exposed its true abilities. Art, poetry, and reading form much of my perspective on the joy’s of life. I began creating collages in college. I would sit for hours in my dorm room cutting articles and pictures out of magazines, placing them on my wall to express personal thoughts, imaginations, and life’s frustrations.

A coworker had rolls of newspapers he was going to throw away from the Newseum, but I asked for them, and the idea of placing the articles on a canvas blindsided me. Writing and creating these canvas’ vocalizes my perception of all that I see, and it allows me the time to really focus on what is most important in my life, which are love and truth. My faith in Christ has catapulted me into a freedom never experienced. Since truly dedicating my life to Him, He has enhanced my abilities in not just art, but my peace of mind. He has captivated my heart to share my experiences while planting seeds of truth.

My art will touch the hearts of a generation with so many avenues of wickedness, but few escape routes for righteousness. This generation starves for reformed love and affirmation, but we hotwire them with immediate gratifications. My art represents a desire to see there is more to life than ourselves. My art expresses the rising of a generation demanding more than old stories intertwined with traditions. I hope my gift reminds us of the biblical standards this country was established on, stained with the trickling of  blood, sweat, and tears from social warriors before us, whose voices have seemed to become whispers.


Aspects of Endurance

Sodom & Gomorrah


For Inquiries about Chantavia's work, please contact her via email at or hit up her blog!     

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