Sunday, January 8, 2012

GUEST BLOG by EZE (@EzeJezus)

Socrates said "All that I know is that I know nothing." Confucius said "True knowledge is knowing the extent of ones ignorance." but Erykah Badu said it best stating "The man that knows something, knows that he knows nothing." Atheists think they have it all figured out. The claimers of free thought... Well think of this. The Sun, Moon, Earth, and gravity some how came into existence. They all perform a unique function. They work together to form the layers of our atmosphere. Each level of the atmosphere has different molecules that combine, creating various gases that are used by all life. All things on this planet, from plants to humans, work together to sustain life. (The "Circle of Life" concept) Think of just some of the infinite symbiotic relationships on our planet alone, that if anyone of them were removed, life would end. From a universal standpoint, life ending wouldn't matter, yet there is so much detail in sustaining it. This may have all been random, but it is disingenuous to not at least concede that these co-dependant parallels suggest potential intelligent design.

Ironically, Atheism is an organized religion, so the same principle applies to the rest of them. There is no Priest, Pastor, Pope, or Prophet that can tell you what happens when you die. This is true because they themselves have never died. They have no more understanding about the universe than you or me. Organized religion is a business and the best part for them is they never have to deliver what is promised... Because you'll be dead... Spirituality and organized religion are not mutually exclusive. From my experience, people can get the difference between "believing" something, and "knowing" something confused. They become close-minded and often intolerant of other opinions. An understandable reaction from someone who has either never considered, or is afraid to consider that they may be wrong.
My advice, When you think you know something, rethink it. Question the answers. 


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