Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Worst Films of 2011 (GUEST BLOG by Traffic)

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1.Scream 4Wes Craven has officially displayed his loss of horror and substance. This by far is the worst sequel out of the bunch and I pray there will be no more.

2.Super 8Memo to J.J Abrams, you are and you will never be Steven Spielberg. Enough Said

3.Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Another excuse to display incredible CGI, problem is they forgot that it had to make sense. Oh and then this has the audacity to be 154 minutes.

4.Your HighnessThis was close to Jack and Jill bad, but there literally isn't a funny scene in the movie and I like Danny McBride, but this is just pathetic.

5.The ThingRemake from the 80's that thinks CGI can make a difference.  Well it doesn't, in fact it makes this shit terrible.

6.Cowboys & Aliens - Listen to the title, enough said.

7.Big Mommas House: Like Father Like SonMartin Lawrence has probably had the biggest drop off in talent and films for a comedian and it's sad.  He's the Black Jim Carrey

8.Don't Be Afraid of the DarkLittle monsters that are the size of frogs threaten a family. Wow

9.Jack and JillWhoever continues to fund Adam Sandler films should be dropped off into space to the point of no return.

10.The Green LanternWorst Superhero film in recent years and Ghost rider came out two years ago.

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