Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pore Music and Girls

My inconsistency is quite shameful. I almost feel it necessary to begin each of my post with an apology because of this fact. This time around I’ll refrain from doing so. Although it would be an honest effort on my part, I suppose it would mean nothing if not corrected. Allow me to work on correction and maybe an apology, though no longer necessary if my attempt is success, will come later. Welcome back.

I hope life has been good to you. Me? I can say that it has. Not because much has changed, because much hasn’t, but because things aren’t horrible. I’m not sure if that’s an optimistic outlook or a pessimistic standard, either way, I have a glass, and it has water in it, and whether half full or half empty, I’m getting thirsty? Whatever. At last declaration, I proposed a life of non-conformity, in which I made it a personal goal of mine to, as so precisely titled, not conform in manners that I had been in the past. I greatly underestimated the level of difficulty of this task. I recognize that most of my conforming happens in the workplace, and though I would love to say fuck it and roll out with my head held high, sound tracked by James Brown’s the big payback, I’m fully aware that I have a lifestyle to maintain and need money to do so. So aspects of conformity will have to stay in place for the time being. I also mentioned that I was going to let my facial hair grow, initially as a fuck-corporate-America-black-man-strong-beard type of thing, but now it’s something that I’m totally embracing. I love my beard! Not only is there a level of unexpected liberation that I’m experiencing, I’m also feeling like a gold member of tribe, gang, brotherhood, or as I refer to us on twitter, bearded brigade brethren. With one glance at another bearded gentlemen I’m able to convey kinship, respect, and “Dude, nice fucking beard.” Plus, this is reciprocated. It just feels so damn Manly, for lack of a bearder word! Catch that? I also seem to be receiving a fair amount of positive attention from the ladies, and you can never be mad at that. Anyhow, I’ll attach a photo and you can let me know what you think about the Music from my pores, so to speak….

So, I live alone, and I think a lot. I read a lot too. I’m currently working through Toni Morrison’s collection and thoroughly enjoying it. She’s genius. Quite the prototype I’m scheming up for whatever woman I end up with in life. The mind of Morrison, lips of Kerry Washington, Swag of Badu, lisp of Melissa Harris-Perry, and so on. Though I’m sure all that will change tomorrow. What won’t change tomorrow is my co-sign for HBO’s new show Girls, which I frequently find myself in debates about. Though critically acclaimed, something about this show repulses the people around me. Not that critical acclaim is everything because it’s definitely not, but because the show is so outstandingly good in my opinion that I find myself perplexed by those that feel differently. In what I would describe as Woody-allen-esque, Girls thrives where a lot of other shows fail to keep my interest, the writing. It’s sharp, witty, smart, and high brow comedy. I encourage you all to check it out.

Amongst beards, books, and new shows are relationships, new and old. It’s funny how you never really know which relationships will be substantial and which will be trivial. I suppose I should appreciate the amount of people that come in, out, and around my life but at times that’s hard to do. A friendship that I considered deep ended as a new/old friendship seems to be rekindled. I tread delicately in regards to the latter, though I hope it grows much stronger. We’ll see.

I’ll assume this is my attempt at getting back in the flow of things. My making amends for inconsistency. I assure you that this blog will become priority. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Haha! For lack of a bearder word--gotta love a good play on words!